All proceeds fund youth environmental workshops and increase local pollination

Sustainable candles
that just make scents.

Experience BeeKind Co’s all-new scents this year inspired
by the beautiful native plants of British Columbia.

Locally Sourced Beeswax


Hand Crafted

Integrate the Use of Damaged Honeycombs

Made in Canada

Locally Sourced Beeswax


Hand Crafted

Integrate the Use of Damaged Honeycombs

Made in Canada


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Dahlia & Vine
Balsam & Cedar
Evergreen Berry

What makes BeeKind Co. different?

FREE pollinator seeds
with every purchase to
support bee habitats
Made in


Meet the team!

BeeKind Co. is a student-led social enterprise under Enactus SFU, focused on sustainability and entrepreneurship. The social initiative develops and produces a line of eco-friendly candles using beeswax, aiming to provide a sustainable alternative to conventional paraffin-based candles while promoting the benefits of beeswax as a renewable and environmentally friendly resource.

Our Core Values

Environmentally conscious

We meticulously craft sustainable candles using environmentally conscious resources to sell and provide candle users with a sustainable alternative.

Educating Youth

We aim to inspire and empower students as environmental stewards through workshops that give invaluable knowledge regarding sustainable practices and underscore the critical importance of preserving our planet for future generations.

Repurpose Green Resources

We plan to repurpose damaged honeycombs into exquisite candles. This innovative approach not only minimises waste but also pays homage to the remarkable contributions of bees.


What our customer say

I am a big candle user, and BeeKind Co.’s candles surprised me with the amazing quality!

Reneet Kang

This is my third purchase and the candles are amazing!

Aiden Le


Learn more about bee habitat conservation through our workshops!

At BeeKind Co., we are not just crafting candles; we're igniting a passion for environmental stewardship. Our mission goes beyond the warmth of our beeswax candles; it's about fostering a sustainable mindset in the hearts and minds of students across Lower Mainland schools.

Our workshops are dynamic, engaging, and purposeful. We bring hands-on experiences to schools across the Lower Mainland, creating a buzz around bee habitat preservation and sustainable living. Through interactive sessions, we delve into the critical role bees play in our ecosystem and the importance of preserving their habitats.